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Nearshoring for startups

Whether you are unicorn or will be unicorn

Startups at work

Decided to begin exciting journey with your startup? You have fiscinating idea, cofounders which you can trust. But no development team. And it's out of scope to build one in your region. Consider nearshoring with us!

Cultural similarities

Being part of Europe both geographically and historically, brings many similar cultural patterns.

Same working hours

Easier to correlate working time, since we are working in CET time zone!

Meet the team in few hours

Belgrade is international airport hub, having more than 50 flights to and from major European cities.

Great developer pool

This region has more than 100 years of history of higher education. We are working hard and investing a lot in smart, innovative, young people. And they like working with us!

Data protection standards

We adhere to most EU directives regarding data protection and keep both your and our data safe!


After many years of working on software projects, we must insist on methodology! We think it's vital for successful projects and we are strong proponents of agile methodology.


Software Development

Solution Design

Having more than 15 years of experience in developing enterprise software systems, we are trying to enable our clients to evaluate their requirements and design applications fully correlated with their business needs.

Software Development

Utilizing modern technologies and platforms, we are providing state of the art products for our clients. Our technology stack includes: Microsoft .NET Framework, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, node.js, angular.js, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, knockout.js, react.js.

System Integration

Break-out from application and data silos. We can provide solutions for system integrations based on IBM WebSphere and WSO2 platforms. Breakthrough innovations and new business channels require adaptation in all industries. Focus of our everyday operations is shifted to IoT and API Management.


Have a problem? We are problem solvers!


Train your employees to fully exploit IDE and platform. We provide training for C# / Visual Studio, SQL Server, web application development.

Project Management

Developing software products from zero to hero. We can provide project management for large, enterprise projects both for internal and remote teams.


Only a small subsection of our recent work.


Application Development


Application Development


Application Development


Our history

  • Feb 2015

    Ready! Set! Go!

    Archybility was founded in Belgrade, Serbia.

  • Feb 2016

    One year of success

    Archybility is proud with the work done in our first year, we would like to thank our clients and partners for all we have done together!


Productivity but with creativity!


Entrepreneur. Software Engineer

Problem solver, highly motivated by tasks nobody else would like to tackle. Enjoying to build new teams, promoting team spirit and better communication between team members. Restless regarding learning new technologies and sharing knowledge with other.

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